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When he heard the name of this tourist area, tourist mind of course will be on the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA. In contrast to the tourist area, which is dominated by Waena brown and red, the color that dominates the tourist area of ​​Green Canyon is a green color.

The name of this tourist area is given by two tourists who came from France and Switzerland are very fascinated when looking at its natural beauty. Panoram beautiful nature that became the main attraction of the tourist area.

The beautiful natural charm will welcome tourists since setting foot on Pier Ciseureuh. Tourists traveling to the location of this tour will be accompanied by green trees, green tosca streams, as well as the cliffs and hills on the side of the river flow. In addition, the sound of birds singing will further add to the beauty of the trip.

The trip takes about 20 minutes it will end up in the mouth of a cave in Green Canyon. For tourists who continue the journey on foot into the cave, the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites in the cave had to wait to enjoy its beauty.

In addition, tourists can swim as far as 10 meters into the cave to see beautiful scenery, namely, the rush of water that resembles the rain that hit the wall of the cave.

Location Green Canyon tourist area located in the Village Kertayasa, District Cijulang, Kudat District, West Java Province.

For travelers departing from Jakarta, wine should be approximately 393 km, with a travel time of about 7-8 hours. Meanwhile, from the district of Kudat, the distance that must be traveled about 130 miles. other than that, this tourist area is also located not too far away from Pangandaran Beach, which is about 31 miles and takes about 45 minutes.

Of all these, the tourist trip should proceed from Ciseureuh Pier which is about 3 miles from the Green Canyon tourist sites takes about 30-40 minutes round trip.

For tourists who want to stay, around the tourist areas, there are many lodging a house that can be rented. In addition, travelers also will not have difficulty in finding food stalls around the tourist areas.

Meanwhile, for tourists who want to look for souvenirs, at Pier Ciseureuh there are many souvenir stalls are ready to meet the needs.

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